This is definitely game changer.

More and more people are using Gmail and G Suite for some or all of their work-related email. Of all the benefits of using Gmail, the one that I appreciate most is being able to access emails on my iPhone without them hogging up all of my storage. It is also extremely easy to switch between multiple Gmail accounts. But it’s not Gmail that has been a game changer for me. I’m referring to an extension for Gmail. But first, a little bit more about me and Gmail.

When I initially stopped using Apple Mail on my phone, I continued to keep getting my Gmail through Apple Mail on my desktop. I liked that I could see all of my email accounts in one central location. But then one day, I realized that Apple Mail was saving my Gmails (even after they were deleted) deep, deep in the bowels of my computer. Sucking my storage dry.

There was no setting that could prevent it. There was also no way to easily see what email that any given file was connected to, making it very difficult to pick and choose what to delete even manually. It became obvious that I would simply have to stop using Apple Mail for my Gmail accounts.

So for years now, I have been accessing my various Gmail accounts in the native Gmail app. But the one thing that has continued to drive me nuts is how Gmail orders conversation threads. Why, oh why, does Google put the most recent email at the bottom?

Maybe you’re good with that. Maybe you even prefer the oldest email in the thread to be the one you see first. But it annoyed me.

I dealt with it though. I even forgave Google when I finally figured out that the reason my email filter wasn’t working was because I had to put OR between the addresses instead of the typical comma.

As I ran through another endless email thread today, I found myself once again lamenting the backwards order of it. But then, something magical happened. I took a minute to look and see if I could find anything new about ways to reverse the order of Gmail conversations. And guess what? I found one!

There it was. A beautiful extension called Gmail reverse conversation that not only reverses the order of messages in your Gmail conversations putting the most recent one up at the top, it also moves the Reply and Forward buttons to the top as well! It is truly one of the most helpful extensions I’ve downloaded and I can already tell you it is a game changer for me.

If you use Gmail and have ever wondered why you were being forced to scroll, and scroll, and scroll to the bottom of a message to see the latest reply in a thread, get this extension. You will wonder how you lived without it. Trust me.

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