Living in the culture of busy.

I haven’t written anything for my blog in the past four months because I have been so busy doing work for other people and it just kept falling lower and lower on the list of my priorities. I finally decided though, that I needed to carve out some time for my own stuff, and it wasn’t hard for me to decide on a topic.

Photo by jesadaphorn (
Photo by jesadaphorn (

Being an extremely busy professional is definitely looked on in approval these days. Indeed, for years it’s been seen as a mark of true success. When was the last time you  heard someone going on about how they got 8 hours of sleep or had loads of free time over their weekend to catch up on family time? Nope. It’s seen as much more admirable to have slept 4 hours and spent your weekend toiling away on a project at work than spending a day relaxing with friends.

I know all of this. And I know it’s ridiculous to give so much credit to being busy. Yet, when work begins to take over my life, this sort of approval or recognition is often exactly the kind of thing I start to crave. It’s human nature, really. Who doesn’t want to feel appreciated? Who doesn’t want to feel like there’s a point to all of their hard work?

Compounding the issue is that fact that in this day and age it’s often difficult for the people you work for to truly understand the amount of effort you are putting in. Most of my own business is performed completely through online channels, never meeting face to face, with only the occasional phone or Skype conversation.

Just as Lisa Evans discusses in her article Why You Need To Stop Bragging About How Busy You Are we live in a culture of busy.

“Logging in long hours and complaining about not having any time in the day is considered a status symbol and a sign of success.”

But at what cost? When exactly will this culture change? Lisa’s article makes it sound like things could be turned around if only the boss would just go home first. But what about people like me with bosses from one coast to the next, and some even abroad? How can we even know when our bosses have “left the office”?

So I try to be aware and objective, to remember what truly matters, and to center my efforts on being effective and efficient. As I love to say – work smarter, not harder. With that said, I hope it won’t be yet another 4 months before I decide to make time for a little writing of my own.

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