Organizing in the new year.

I don’t know about you, but my year so far has been one crazy roller coaster of work. One organization tool that I keep turning to since I first started using it late last year is keeeb. I love keeeb! I really do.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 4.02.21 PM

What is it you ask? Well to paraphrase their own words, it is an online tool for collecting anything, organizing visually, sharing, and inspiring. Keeeb can help you remember what is important and it will allow you to “organize and share your ideas like never before”.

It’s so amazing and versatile you almost have to try it to believe it because each user can mold it into whatever they want their keeeb experience to be. In fact, each page you set up can be a completely different experience, not just a different topic. And with their handy plug-in, the ability to keeeb something is right there in your browser’s toolbar, ready to go.

I might still check out Pinterest now and then, and I still might poke around Pearltrees or use Instapaper, but keeeb has me under its spell and I am glad to be there.

Go ahead – discover, collect, collaborate, create… keeeb!

Check them out at

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