Too much inspiration?

After using Pinterest in search of inspiration for a recent design project, I began to wonder if there was actually such a thing as too much inspiration. One quick Google search later, I found myself reading a post by the like-minded Holly Casto titled (wouldn’t you know it?) “Too Much Inspiration?”.

“To me, all of this “inspiration” can harm us when we start to feel a few different ways:

1. Every good idea has been done before.
2. My ___(wedding, home, family, closet, etc.) will never be that beautiful.
3. Everything creative I have attempted is terrible compared to this so why even try?

The effects of feeling any of those three ways are obviously negative. A little bit of inspiration to get the creative juices flowing and trigger new ideas is a good thing, but so much that you feel defeated before you even begin is very sad.”

In addition to the negative aspects of competitive analysis I would add that so much inspiration can also simply lead to information overload. Personally, I love socially sharing ideas and will continue to use Pinterest for design inspiration. If you happen to be in the market for some inspiration of your own, Design Shack offers a good place to get started with a list of 200+ Pinterest Boards for Designers to Follow.

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