Form over function.

All style and no substance. Organizations often put too much emphasis on updating their look and forget that operational strategy is a huge part of the marketing message. Your business is more than looks alone. I’m all for revamping your style, but don’t forget to integrate your strategies. I once heard a logo described as just the tip of a spear, with the rest being the brand message that pushes through and actually delivers on the promise. In Washington Business Journal article, Beth Johnson of the RP3 Agency talks about why a brand is not a logo saying that visual elements, tag lines and various marketing messages are simply expressions of a brand.

“Strong brands come from within an organization. A brand is defined by what you do, not just what you say. So when you think of your brand, think about your business at every level. Think about your vision for the future and how you are planning to get there. Think about your employees, your office space and your customer experience.”

Johnson continues with a reminder that branding is something that comes from everyday interactions and it is not  project with a beginning and an end so much as a lifelong commitment. She lays it out simply at the end. “Do your customers see your business the way you intend them to see it? If not, it may be time to reconsider your brand. Just don’t start with your logo.”

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