Name that font!

Most designers can think of at least one time when they found themselves faced with the challenge of figuring out the identity of a mystery font for a client. Here are three places to start your search.

  1. Identifont offers a straightforward design and user-friendly interface that works well for identifying commonly used fonts.
  2. TypeNavigator is interactive and intuitive. It is similar to Identifont but offers more identifying attributes to select from.
  3. WhatTheFont is a great place to start for more unconventional typefaces. Submit an image of the font to their online database and they’ll provide you with the closest match. Still stumped? Give their Forum a try.

There are a growing number of font identification websites out there, but in my experience, if you can’t find it using one of these three, it may be time to throw in the towel and simply find a suitable replacement.

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