“The greatest challenge is the diversity of possibilities.”

Considering how long it’s been since I last posted, I felt that an article on PR Daily Europe about social media campaigns falling flat was speaking directly to me. The article discusses a recent study by TNS Global and notes that as many as half of all social media marketing campaigns are going unnoticed. It also quotes some sage advice from Matthew Froggat, TNS Global Chief Development Officer. He says, “The key is to understand your target audience and what they want from your brand — social networks aren’t always the right approach. If consumers in one market don’t want to be talked to, can you use an alternative online method — creating owned digital media platforms, targeted sponsorship or search campaigns — to engage in an appropriate way that will achieve business results without adding to the digital waste pile?”

The study, titled “Digital Life: Understanding the opportunity for growth online”, provides an in-depth look at the complex environment of online business and consumer communications, and begins with a foreword by Froggat. “The Internet has made our world and the way we build businesses more dynamic and complex than ever. Opportunities and threats exist which were unprecedented just a decade ago, and the greatest challenge is the diversity of possibilities.”

I agree that having so many digital avenues for marketing a business can actually turn out to be stifling. It’s no different than the option paralysis I mentioned in my post on choice fatigue. So what does this mean for me? Am I using the right approach or simply adding to the digital waste pile? I won’t be giving up on my blog just yet, but I will be taking a closer look at potential alternatives. TNS Global’s Digital Life study sums it up wisely:

“The digital opportunity remains huge; the only threat is establishing the right strategy to adopt. In the big picture of growth, it is the precise details that matter the most.”

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