Be authentic.

As I prepared to emerge from my summer hiatus, I struggled with what subject to write about. I felt like it should be something more worthwhile than usual. After all, I’ve had months of ideas to consider. Then, I received an email about a post on Drew’s Marketing Minute that I felt needed to be shared. “Are we living lives of quiet desperation?” asks Drew McLellan. His post discusses the loss of a friend to suicide. Drew wondered if he might lose followers by going off topic, but I think his readers have made it clear that we appreciate his honesty and authenticity. It is easy to forget we are living, breathing human beings in this world of emails, blogs and Twitter feeds. It is more important now than ever before to be authentic and real in all aspects of our lives. So today, I leave you simply with the message to be authentic. Build relationships with actual people and try your best to stay true to yourself.

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